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The handheld tachometer is a means of measuring revolutions within the industrial sector, either optically or mechanically. The handheld tachometer can be used for maintenance and calibration of machines that have moving parts. The principle is similar to a bicycle speedometer, where time will be measured until a wheel has completely turned.The handheld tachometer has two different measurement methods.

The handheld tachometer may have a contact connection to the moving parts. Alternatively, the handheld tachometer works with reflecting marks. This will be secured on the moving part. As the laser strikes the reflecting mark during rotation, it will be reflected and detected in the handheld tachometer via a sensor. Rotation speed and speed can be seen on the handheld tachometer. The handheld tachometer may combine both possibilities (contact and non-contact connection). Next to the handheld tachometer you find other devices for measuring revolutions at PCE Instruments.