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Test soil pH, water pH, food pH and more quickly, easily and accurately with a digital pH Meter / pH Tester from PCE Instruments. Whether you’re looking for a compact, pocket, portable, handheld or tabletop pH Meter / pH Tester, you will find the best pH Meter / pH Tester for your application here. PCE Instruments also offers optional accessories such as pH Meter / pH Tester certified calibration certificates, oxygen probes and electrode storage solutions.

Typically, the pH scale ranges from 0 to 14. However, it is possible to record a negative pH. A negative pH occurs when an acid yields a hydrogen ion concentration with a molarity greater than 1. All pH Meter / pH Tester products offered by PCE Instruments cover the full range of pH values, both positive and negative, to help you determine the exact acidity or alkalinity of your soil, water, food or solution.

Each pH Meter / pH Tester also features manual or automatic temperature compensation. Since pH values are affected by temperature (according to the Nernst equation), temperature compensation is a vital function of any pH Meter / pH Tester to ensure accurate pH measurement.

When you opt for a high-quality pH Meter / pH Tester manufactured directly by PCE Instruments, you will appreciate the product’s cost effectiveness and ease of recalibration, as every pH meter needs to be recalibrated periodically. This is due to the concept of drift. Much like a chemical battery, as a pH electrode ages, its signal changes. These changes can cause a variance, or drift, in the reading of pH values measured by the pH meter. Most of the time, recalibration can correct this drift.

Sometimes, recalibration of the pH meter is not enough. Unfortunately, the lifespan of a pH probe, or pH electrode, is limited. High temperatures, extreme pH levels, dehydrated bulbs, rough handling and improper storage of a pH meter can all affect the longevity of a pH electrode. The good news is, each PCE-branded pH Meter / pH Tester features affordable replacement pH electrodes, so you can feel confident you’re making a smart purchase when you buy your pH Meter / pH Tester from PCE Instruments.