Máy đo tiếng ồn âm thanh Rion NA-37B

Máy đo tiếng ồn âm thanh Rion NA-37B

Máy đo tiếng ồn âm thanh Rion NA-37B

Máy đo tiếng ồn âm thanh Rion NA-37B
Máy đo tiếng ồn âm thanh Rion NA-37B

Thông tin sản phẩm Máy đo tiếng ồn âm thanh Rion NA-37B (English):

The NA-37B is Rion’s 6th generation Aircraft Noise Monitor. The NA-37 and its predecessors are widespread in Japan with hundreds of units currently monitoring noise from both civil and military airports. The NA-37 offers some unique features including the ability to identify aircraft noise events without access to airports’ radar/track monitoring systems. Aircraft noise is distinguished from other sources of noise by a 4 microphone system which identifies the location and direction of travel (in three dimensions) for each noise event. The system can also optionally include an SSR Radar Receiver enabling aircraft to be identified from their unique SSR Radar Identification Code. The SSR Radar Receiver assists in distinguishing Aircraft Noise Events form other intermirmittent noise events. The ability to identify aircraft without access to the airport’s radar system could also be a valuable feature for local authorities or other organisations that have a requirement to evaluate aircraft noise when they have, until now, had to approach the airport for tracking information in order to be certain of the identification of specific noise events. The NA-37 can also optionally make an audio recording (which can either be stored as a wav file or an mp3 file) of each event.>

The Rion MS-11 Outdoor Microphone and NA-83 Sound Level Meter (part of the NA-37 system but also available separately as a front end to a long-term noise monitoring system) achieve full IEC 61672 Class 1 performance with the weather protection in place. The MS-11’s remote calibration system is unique. Instead of employing an electrostatic actuator, which could potentially cause damage to the microphone if moisture was present, the MS-11 has an integrated sound source which produces 114 dB at 1000 Hz at the microphone diaphragm when activated.

  • Leq, Lmax, LAmin and instantaneous sound pressure level stored every 100 msec
  • 110 dB linearity range
  • Multiple data transfer options: USB A, USB B, RS 232 and LAN (FTP Server capability with NX-37B)
  • System components: NA-37 (controls the system and communications), NA-83 (sound level meter and measuring amplifier for MS-11), MS-11 (outdoor microphone), AN-37 (aircraft noise identification unit) [or alternatively AN-37R (aircraft noise identification unit with SSR radar reception capability)], NX-37B (aircraft noise processing program);
  • Standard data capacity (for storage within NA-37/NX-37B) 40,000 events in the meter
  • Distinguishes between aircraft noise (categorised into take offs, landings and over flights), surface noise, movement direction for each event
  • Automatic level check function using MS-11 internal sound source;
  • MS-11 standard half inch configuration facilitates external calibration with standard acoustic calibrator
  • MS-11 microphone includes heating element to counteract condensation
  • NX-37WR option records each sound event as MP3 or uncompressed wav file (user defined)
  • Data from one or multiple NA-37s can be viewed, downloaded, compiled, stored and analysed using the Rion AS-50PA1 software
  • AS-50PA1 software:
    • Tabulation, editing, storing and report creation based on data from 1 or more NA-37s
    • Clicking on a table entry for any noise event will bring up display showing level, time, geometric and direction data for the selected event
    • Clicking on a table entry will also bring up SSR radar details if NC-37R option is installed on the instrument
    • Clicking on a table entry will also start audio playback of the event if NX-37WR is installed on the instrument;
    • Daily, weekly and monthly reports easily prepared and individual events quickly and easily identified and evaluated
  • The NA-37 with the NA-83 and MS-11 is IEC 61672 Class 1 compliant with the weather protection in place on the microphone

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