Đồng hồ đo điện vạn năng APECH AM 900

Đồng hồ đo điện vạn năng APECH AM 900

Đồng hồ đo điện vạn năng APECH AM 900
Đồng hồ đo điện vạn năng APECH AM 900

THÔNG SỐ KỸ THUẬT Đồng hồ đo điện vạn năng APECH AM 900:

1. General Description

AM-900/901/902/904 is a digital multimeter  equipped with backlight function (except AM-904) and overiload protection circuit. AM-900, AM-901 and AM-904 has LCD display of 3 ½ digits(2000 counts) while AM-902 has LCD display of 3 ¾ digits (4000 counts). The multeimeter performs AC/DC Voltage, DC Current, Resistance, Audible Continuity, Diode, Transistor detecting, etc.

AM-903 is a digital capacitance meter with 3 ½ digits(2000 counts) LCD backlight display. Made with dual slope integrating converter, AM-903 ranges from 200pF to 20 mF .

  1. General Characteristics
DisplayLCD 2000 countsLCD 4000 countsLCD 2000 counts
Low Battery Indication            displayed
Polarity Indication“- ”displayed automatically
Operation Temperature0˚C ~ 40˚C
Storage Temperature-10˚C ~ 50˚C
Battery Type9V Or 6F22 x 1PC
WeightApprox .150gApprox . 115g
AccessoriesOperations Manual, Battery,Test Leads,Temperature Probe(only AM-901)
BacklightPush for 5 seconds
Data Hold“DH” displayed
Self-recovery Protectionüüü ü
  1. Technical Specification

1.DC Voltage (only AM-900/901/904)

RangeResolution                                            Accuracy
200 mV0.1 mV±(0.5% + 5)±(0.8% + 10)
600V1V±(0.8% + 5)±(1% + 10)


RangeResolution                                          Accuracy
400mV0.1mV±(0.8% + 5)
600V1mV±(1% + 2)

Input Impedance:1MΩ

Overload Protection: 250V for range 200mV, 600V for other ranges